Eva Alordiah - 2021

Learn How to Shoot Pro Video Content people want to Watch


13 Video Lessons, Audio Lessons and Comprehensive Guides

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Are you an Entrepreneur, Online Coach, a Makeup artist, Fashion Blogger, Photographer, Writer, Speaker.. this list is endless! It doesn’t matter what you do today in the internet age, YOU NEED TO MAKE VIDEO CONTENT. And the good news?

You Don’t need an Expensive Camera to start making Great Videos of your own

If you have been thinking about making Video content online but haven’t started because you don’t have a DSLR Camera, now is your chance to begin creating awesome videos with just your phone! I will teach you everything you need to know so you can use your phone to Film and to Edit as well. Scroll to see full course details

It is time to put your Creativity out there. You can Do this

This is the ONLY Course you’ll need to finally begin creating your own Epic video content online that Earns you Money. All you need is your Phone, and Social Media of course.

I have been filming and editing Videos, Movies, Youtube content for so long now that I couldn’t help but create a course to help others. When I started publishing online videos as a Makeup artist, I only had a small camera phone to work with. It was a low-priced Tecno phone and the camera was barely high quality. But I started anyways and stopped falling for the excuse of not having a camera. I just wanted to make my Youtube videos and all I needed to do was start with what was available. My phone!

Many Videos after, I have mastered the magic of Smartphone Videography. I now earn a steady income from Youtube and Instagram thanks to my video content and I want the same for you.

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The problem most people have when it comes to making great videos on their phone is they do not know how to get the best, professional looking shots with their phone cameras.

They have no idea about how to light up a scene, how to get the best quality videos by manipulating the camera, what lights to use if at all and how to Edit once the video is done. I will teach you all of this and more.

What You’ll Learn in this Course..

-How to transform your Mobile phone into a power Filming gadget regardless of the brand.

-All the Tools, gear and Equipment required to Film Videos with ease and create professional shots on your phone

Lighting setup and tips for the best quality, Setting up Lighting kits and when needed.

-Best Settings for the Front and Back camera

-Best tricks for getting clear videos
-The best apps for Editing Videos on iOS and Android

-How to Edit and Cut multiple Clips into the Timeline and add multiple layers

-How to Add multiple Text layers and Subtitles to your Videos

-How to Change Video Background

-How to add music to your Video and create a compelling sound design on mobile

-The best way to Edit for Youtube vs Instagram, different Video sizes, Framing and Formats
-The Secrets of Video Content Creation

-Hacking Instagram and Finding your ideal audience

How to get Content ideas for your Videos

How to Get more Views for your videos on Instagram

N29,999 ONLY N14,999 today!

About your Instructor

Hi, I’m Eva and I have been making films now for at least 9+ years. I have shot and edited Films, Music videos and Interviews and I am constantly making video content online.

I have created this course for you because I simply got tired of receiving emails and DMs from my followers telling me how they wanted to make content online but could not start for lack of a camera. This is my way of telling you, YOU DON’T NEED A CAMERA.

This course was made with you in mind and I am happy to teach you everything I know.