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I get it, Life can be Hard, things are tough, the Money comes and it leaves as though it had wings.  You have lost your Passion, in fact you don’t even know what you are Passionate about anymore. Life just seems so bleak and you wonder if it is Something Wrong with you, or if […]
I get it, Life can be Hard, things are tough, the Money comes and it leaves as though it had wings.  You have lost your Passion, in fact you don’t even know what you are Passionate about anymore. Life just seems so bleak and you wonder if it is Something Wrong with you, or if God is just cruel. Is there even really a God, you ponder? Why is he making you suffer?
I understand where you are right now friend.

I understand this because I have been there. And I was there for so long until I began to uncover a Very important truth about Life.

Some call it the Secret. People have been speaking about this for ages.
All of Life’s issues can be solved if you’d look at these 5 words really Closely and read them over and over till it makes sense for You. You must understand this: The Way you are feeling now is in direct correlation to the Thoughts You are thinking, Good or Bad.
The moment you are able to begin to guard your Thoughts, and Choose consciously to engage your Mind with thoughts of a more Positive nature, your Life begins to take an energetic shift.

But how? How Can I think Positively when Everything is so Negative you say? 
See, that right there is the Problem. 

For Your Life to Change, it first has to change in
Vision is a very Powerful gift that we have. Both inner and outer Vision. Your Perception of what is going on in your Life is formed from your Inner vision.

First you see things in the physical world, your brain processes the circumstances and tries to make sense of it and in your Mind, you give the Physical World Power by the Thoughts you Think.

And the power of thoughts is such that One Thought invokes another of its kind and another and another and it becomes a spiral of thoughts in the same energetic Frequency.
So if you are harboring a Negative thought, it would breed another negative thought of its kind and so on.
And if you instead think on Positive things and begin to see things differently, you get those Positive thoughts breeding on other Positive thoughts.

So for instance, you might not have enough Money right now for the things you need to do.

Perception 1: I am Broke. I don’t have Money again. What kind of Life is this? Was I just born to suffer? Who can I call to borrow me money. I hate my Life. I’m so tired of everything.

Perception 2: It’s time to learn to Stop Being Broke. This time of less and less is really making me think some more about my Life. What have I done to create money problems? I know I am a Valuable and Worthy Person, but how Can I materialize this Value in Cash physical equivalent? What can I begin to Do to Increase my income?

As one thoughts breeds another of its kind, you observe from the two examples above that one Perception breeds only thought patterns that are Negative while Perception 2 breeds positive thought patterns. While the former creates even more problems, the latter hints at Solutions.

You cannot get anywhere by Worrying. All of the Power lies within you.
But first you must change how you See things because it is by function of How you Perceive things that you are then Able to either Think Negatively or think Positively and depending on how you are thinking, It would be reflected in your Feelings.

How You Feel is the Perfect Indication of what kind of Thoughts you are Thinking. Your Feelings point toward the Mindstate. If Your Mind id out of Wack, you’d feel bad. If Your Mind is in a good harmonious State, you feel at ease. And what is the Mind made of? Thoughts. Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.
Thoughts are the Programming Language of your Mind and you are the One Responsible for the Thoughts you let into your Mind.

Now all of that Said lets Get to Some Action Plan to get you out of this bad state you are currently in.

Every time in my Life that I had felt out of wack, I found that the Solution was to engage myself in Something that mattered to me. When you feel down, you find that you are unable to process things, you want to simply be in bed all day, not go outside, just coil up in your shell and feel bad for as long as is necessary.
While it is important to shutdown sometimes to reaccess your life, taking a Rest that then becomes longer than Rest is counterintuitive and ultimately does you no good.
Anything that makes you feel bad is not of God. Anything that can keep you in a state where you do not want to function to you highest potential is not of God.
If you would succeed in Life, you must be willing to fight back against the invisible forces that hold you Bound. YOU MJUST GET UP AND GET MOVING TO GET DOING.

  1. Find Something you would love to commit to, Something that you know would improve your life if you gave it enough dedicated Time.
  2. Decide that you are Going to do this for 30 Days. Decide also means, COMMIT AND BE WILLING TO PUT IN ACTION.
  3. Begin immediately on this 30 DAY Plan and encourage yourself everyday to keep at it.
  4. If you Slip up and Miss a Day, you have to Start over. Try not to let this happen
What would this do?
This would set you up for Responsibility to a Goal. When you are actively working on Something you Love everyday, you would be engaging your Mind in a new pattern of Action, Solutions, Problem Solving, Life advancement, Not Complaining, begrudging and being unhappy.
Your Job is to simply show up everyday and Do what You Say you’d do whether you feel like it or not. 
You are also going to become a Conscious observer through this process and watch how you Change as a person because of this commitment.

The Plan is to DO.
Make sure you are Up to DOING SOMETHING.
A follower Wrote in to me via DM on Instagram sharing with me her very low state of Being. You might be in one right now and so I hope my Response to her below would apply to You as Well.

I am soooooooo sorry for how you feel. I want you to know that you are only feeling this way because you are powering your mind by thinking negatively about things. How you see anything is dependent on YOU and you must Love yourself enough to see Yourself as God Sees you. You won’t get through this phase of your Life without becoming greater than it,  and the only way to do that is to face it and observe what it is all trying to teach you.
Every single Experience is pointing you toward something, And until you know what that is and tackle it,  then that experience would keep repeating itself. You have become a storehouse of repeated patterns overtime and you have to understand that for things to Change,  you must change.

Nothing added,  no new job no new relationship,  not money, not travelling,  Just You! 

You are the one who needs Change. And You can only Change by what you do everyday.

I’d give you a Test Right now and If you can commit to it for 30 days you’d find yourself in a whole new Experience of Life that you didn’t even know was possible. But first,  you must get rid of the idea of happiness from accomplishments, and let go of everything that has not worked up until now. Fuck it all to blazes and see yourself as brand you. Then pick one thing,  one thing you want to commit yourself to for 30 days and begin to do it. But you must do it. If you skip a day,  you have to start over. The Miracle is in being proud of yourself,  doing the work that God has sent you for. So pray,  pray and ask your spirit to guide you to do right thing. Trust the voice in your head,  and whatever it tells you, Go do That for 30 days straight. Discover what you’d learn. All of Life isn’t about what we Earn,  It’s about what We Learn. And if we are able to Learn,  then we can Earn. Pray. Start. Commit. Be consistent. Success and Love to you
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